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Wednesday, July 15


my life is two buildings. two skyscrapers to be specific. those two buildings connect to each other to a very thin rope. in order to move on, i have to pass from the one terrace to the other. as i try to balance and move forward, i have the tendency to look down. 489m above the ground, sometimes i feel excited and rushed from the adrenaline flooding my brains and sometimes i feel like i wanna just let loose of myself and fly towards the face of earth.
last night i let loose. i was falling into the dream as i was coming out of it. the air was feeling each particle of my face. my eyes were closed. my brain -all hyped up- was rewinding and fast-forwarding. But despite all these overwhelming feelings, the ending was so bad that i gave up on the idea.
my brain is racing.
my heart is pacing.
should i try and run after it?